Sandown Park Golf Centre offers three distinct golf experiences all playable within 90 minutes.

With three, nine-hole set-ups, Sandown Park offers something for every golfer. And every member of the family. 

course.jpgSandown is a naturally flat golf course with strategically-placed mounds, slopes and bushes throughout to protect it and give it natural definition.

The greens are large and protected, with speed and firmness in the summer. You’ll experience some challenging pin positions in and around the odd swale.

An array of varying species of trees add to the character of the layout.

In summer, the straw grasses sprout in the rough, giving the course an “inland links” feel, with firm fairways, firm greens and straw-like rough. You’ll get lots of run from drives and approach shots.

When winter comes, the course plays long with some seriously long Par-5’s that will test any level of golfer. The greens are in great condition year-round as they drain very well.

We aerate three times a year, utilizing hollow tine and top dress in Spring; light top dress and aerate in Summer, and hollow tine and top dress in Autumn — all with little-to-no interruption to your enjoyment of the courses.

Eclipse Course:

With four sets of tees, here’s how Eclipse lays out: 

 White Medal tees

 Par 35 9 holes 2,866 yds

 Par 70 18 holes 5,732 yds

 Yellow Gents tees

 9 holes 2,760 yds

 18 holes 5520 yds

 Red Ladies tees

 9 holes 2552 yds

 18 holes 5104 yds

Masters Par-3 Course:

 9 holes  1,061 yards  Par 27

Colt Course:

 9 holes  393 yards

We also feature outstanding practice facilities with a large covered driving range to compliment our three unique courses.


Fairways: 50/50 fescue and bent grassescourse2.jpg

Greens: 100% bent

Tips from the Sandown Park pros.

Who better to offer the best insights on how to play various holes than our very own pros:

Off to a good start: Playing the first hole --

When playing the first hole, the left side of the fairway is key off the tee to avoid the fairway bunker and, more importantly, the driving range!

For your approach shot, make sure to take plenty of club as the green is a lot deeper than it appears. This will also keep you out of trouble, as it’s at the front of the green

Your final reward will be an uphill putt on this front-to-back sloping green.

Our best Par-5 —

The Par-5 3rd is the most challenging. A very long drive is needed even for the biggest hitters to think of going for this Par-5 in two shots!

For mere mortals a decent drive, followed by a daunting second over the twin lakes in the middle of the fairway is the standard. Once this has been achieved, a demanding third shot with a bunker right in the middle front of the green ready to collect any short approaches. The most challenging green on the course awaits with beautifully sculptured bushes surrounding.

… and our Best Par-3 —

The fourth visually and as a test is the best Par-3. At just over 100 yds some may think it’s a straight-forward hole. Think again. Four raised reshaped bunkers — two front and two behind the green — plus a water hazard encroaching on the left side will collect any slightly wayward shots. And if that weren’t challenging enough, you’re hitting to a small sloping green. 

Look out for our Toughest hole —

The toughest hole is the Par-5 third, for the reasons mentioned above. It demands a good drive, followed by an equally-good, strategically-placed second shot with a pinpoint approach to finish — highlighted with lakes and length!

And here’s our most difficult green —

To pick one would be unjust to many others. The first has an awkward swale or two. There are others that become difficult due to subtle breaks and the sheer size. For example, the greens on holes 2, 3, 6 and 8. Playing a full round with no three-putts would be a great achievement!

Course management —course3.jpg

On the fourth, select a club that you can hit at 75 percent so there is control on the shot. This allows a smooth shot over the front bunkers. This also would help with alignment, as it’s key to keep the shot middle to right-side of the green — everything collects to the left towards the water. Be sure to know the yardage to both sets of front and back bunkers to allow a fully committed shot. 

The fifth —

Aim your tee shot down the left side of the fairway to keep your ball away from the racecourse with a driver or 3-wood. This will also open up the green, with the main hazard being a bunker that starts at the front of the green and runs diagonally down the right side. A mound at the rear of the green will collect any over-hit shots, making a chip shot very awkward. The green often plays quick and has a slight slope throughout, so care and attention will be needed once you’re on the green!

We’re proud of our Signature Hole —

The signature hole would be Number Three —  for all the above mentioned reasons. Plus there is a water hazard, trees lining the fairway, deep rough and the most challenging green on the course to finish with — all of which are uphill. The ever-present trade winds complete the challenge by blowing against the golfer! 

It is a tough hole that demands all facets of your game are at their best to reward you. It also offers a great vista of Sandown from the tee. 

If Sandown Park Golf Centre sounds like the kind of place you’d like to enjoy 90 minute rounds of golf, come out and give us a try. And if you prefer, we do offer Memberships too!

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